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Vegan Vampires from zorg 

Horror Documentary  

Review- The Peerhat Manchester

Reviewer: Zena Harrison 

This incredible documentary about a film that went wrong was an amazing experience at the Peerhat in Manchester

This production traces the story about a film that went wrong , Allegedly due to Trolls, A midget called munchkin man, and the Jets being used to make a very different film for the dark web

After everything went wrong the producers regrouped to make a documentary about the horrendous antics surrounding the innocent B movie centred around the promotion of vinyl at the most famous record store in orange county

Punk icon John Otway had some horrendous experiences which she tells in a witty way during the movie alongside icons such as Melanie Williams, members of the Sex Pistols, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Wolfy Foxlow against an amazing soundtrack featuring Blondie, Fuzzbox, control the storm, and members of the The Damned

Great performances from Micaela Infante pinpoint the story through Talking Heads style production values with surreal imagery and outtakes from the disastrous antics that happened as allegedly the budget was planned plundered to make dark web content

It’s a really great film it’s funny it’s tragic and it is the vegan vampires from Zorg.

Julie E Gordon of Happy Mondays fame collaborates with Mike Bennett from the Blockheads recounts the story with a great deal of detail

Fuzzbox are fantastic with Maggie Dunne performing head-butts with John Otway and the whole thing is quite frankly hilarious but with a tragic twist

The film is set to do a cinema tour and that will culminate in the Amazon Prime premiere courtesy of One Media IP

It shows at the Kim’s Kitchen in Manchester on the 28th of September and subsequently

at the Haningay Arms in London on the 30th of September

Miss it and miss out!

Click the link to see Melanie Williams and Peter hook performing the Healer from the amazing film

Exclusive interview with legendary Wolfy Foxlow & Journalist Wanda Ryan below


Vegan Vampires from Zorg

Written & Produced by Mike Bennett and cinematography

by Friedbanana Productions.  

See what happens when the camera tracks a bunch of wanna be actors to Hollyweird to make a Bee Movie that goes disastrously wrong!

Featuring contributions from John Otway, Fuzzbox, Johnny Kaplan and Daryl Hannah, Melanie Williams and Peter Hook, Wolfy Fox Low, Mike Bennett and many more.

Punk Producer Mike Bennett Makes Musical Slasher Vegan Vampire film in California!

The Courettes Vs Melanie Williams – Mike Bennett’s Freak Party Interviews!


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“ this film is ace” Asher Gould Talk TV

“ it a cool film “. Harry Green Melody Maker on line

“ it’s ace “ Zak John Horror News

“ I dig this . It’s gritty “ Paula Green “ Punk News

Legendary Wolfy Foxlow 

Legendary John Otway 

Maggie Dunne from Fuzzbox verses Gizzbutt from The Prodigy and The Foo Fighters (who's track Supernova appears in Vegan Vampires from Zorg.  

Mike Bennett in Action! 

Mike Bennett on Set

Joanna Bellybutton gets Vamped!

Maxine Vaccine

Munchkin Man  

Albina Fox in Action!