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 AUGUST 23, 2022

The Legend Streaming Now on Google with the AMAZING CEO & International Influencer Ms. Wanda Ryan at Dandelions of Courage Entertainment (DOC Entertainment) 

The Legend Jonva is back with more "HUSTLE and Grind", as he heads over to the "Big Stage" of Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦. The "MECCA" of  the POP MUSIC SCENE...

Jonva, joins Entertainment Influencer, Entrepreneur and CEO- Wanda Ryan of Dandelions of Courage Entertainment for an EPIC INTERVIEW... Wanda takes us on her journey in the Entertainment Business, and the obstacles that has shaped her career as a "BUSINESS WOMEN" & a  much sought out advocate for artists and creatives all over the world. 

"Authenticity allow us to create an experience that inspires and emotionally transforms the lives of others, creating a unique signature that sets us apart from others" - Wanda Ryan .    

Check out Wanda's Profile and her amazing team at Doc Entertainment OUR TEAM (dandelionsofcourage.com)  

This is a MUST listen interview for every entertainer, seeking a road map to success. Contact: Wanda Ryan &  Dandelions of Courage Entertainment   


docentertainmentofficial23 | Twitter, Facebook | Linktree 

FEBRUARY 5, 2023

The Legend Streaming Now on Google with the Aiconic Peter Foldy (Writer, Director, Musician) https://www.peterfoldy.com

The Legend Jonva heads to the "CITY of DREAMS", to have a center stage interview with friend to the show, & Entertainment Legend 💫 Mr.Peter Foldy... PRODUCER, FILM DIRECTOR, WRITER, MUSICIAN and LA/BASED CANADIAN SINGER/SONGWRITER🇨🇦 Peter shares an inner look at his life journey, Childhood Friends the BEE GEES, and many more; overcoming challenges in pursuit of his dreams and passion in the world of entertainment. This is a great interview for any creative, in search of a blueprint of inspiration and motivation today!    Peter Foldy " New Song Release " FUN, FUN, FUN available on all digital platforms.... Peter Foldy Links:https://youtu.be/rej1cU43LD8  https://music.apple.com/us/artist/peter-foldy/278964545  https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0003328/  https://www.peterfoldy.com/   

The Legend Jonva heads to the "CITY of DREAMS", to have a center stage interview with friend to the show, & Entertainment Legend �� Mr.Peter Foldy... PRODUCER, FILM DIRECTOR, WRITER, MUSICIAN and LA/BASED CANADIAN SINGER/SONGWRITER🇨🇦 .

FEBRUARY 8, 2023

Todays episode features Matt U Johnson is steaming on Spotify, Google, Apple and Amazon Music  - Anything Is Possible...If You Put Your Heart and Mind To It..

The Legend Jonva Ven kicks off the 2023 New Year with his new home at DOCENTERTAINMENT, spreading his shine all over the world. Jonva starts the year in classic fashion, interviewing Superstar Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Brilliant Performer, Actor and Multi-Talented Artist "New York Native” Matt U Hohnson Matt takes us on this journey with such greats as Snoop Dog, Ashford & Simpson, Karl Wolf, Choclair The Apollo Theatre and many more who have shaped his life along the way.

 Matt U Johnson : http://www.mattujmusic.com

Matt U Johnson aka MUJ - YouTube Matt U Johnson (@MattUJMusic) / Twitter 

 Matt U Johnson’s released a new single “Live It Up” Its an International flavour of soulful/pop and Caribbean Sizzle available February 10th on itunes/Apple Spotify and all other SM platforms Internationally v and this song is a game charger to get this party started for March 2023 when Matt releases his 5 track EP.  

March 27, 2023

Masterson produced all tracks on the album with a who’s who of co-producers and mix engineers including James Hallawell , Tchad Blake  Sean Genocky,  amongst many others   https://youtu.be/XRuNkQD0iM 

the man of the hour  💯 "Jonva Ven" brings the Shine "Center Stage" with a true icon 

Adam Masterson  With his latest album release "TIME BOMB"  Standing at his own juncture between English panache, heartland empathy, gospel ambition, and pop prowess, the West London-born and New York-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist brings a rock ‘n’ roll edge to pop as beautifully captured on Time Bomb. 

Performing alongside Masterson throughout the songs is an all-star bevy of high-profile musical collaborators such as Charlie Jones, ,Glen Matlock,  and Brett Bass on bass, Leo Abrahams and David Rhodes on guitars, Charlie Drayton,  Jeremy Stace,

Omar Hakim on drums, Peter Tickell on mandolin/violin, Rob Clores and Ben Stivers on piano amongst so many other celebrated and icons in the industry.     

Contact Adam Masterson at :  


Adam Masterson's New Album Release 

" Time Bomb " is a Labor of Love" and marks the follow-up to Masterson’s 2020 EP, Delayed Fuse, and his influential full-length debut album, One Tale Too Many (2003). Rocking a classic guitar, under tousled hair, and behind vintage shades, Adam Masterson represents a timeless ideal of what a Rockstar should be—yet. 

he does so for a new age Unabashedly embracing old school influences as he updates tradition with heaps of spirit and soul, he taps into the kind of magic we yearn for but don’t get enough of. In doing so, Masterson emerges as an outlier built from his own design, bucking trends, and emanating stadium-size charisma at the same time. As a charismatic live performer.  

April 5, 2023

The Man of The Hour💯 "Jonva Ven" returns to the "Center Stage" with a special guest and FAMILY "UNCLE AL!!! Uncle AL, an entrepreneur and visionary...

Uncle AL has been a huge inspiration to Ven over the years. Uncle AL shares his incredible journey from the entertainment world of Disney, America's Got Talent, Australia's Got Talent, Romania's Got Talent, and the AMAZING Talents of the United Kingdom🇬🇧 Romania 🇷🇴, Ireland 🇮🇪, Brazil 🇧🇷, New Zealand 🇳🇿, Croatia 🇭🇷, Italy 🇮🇹 Philippines 🇵🇭, Australia 🇦🇺 Canada 🇨🇦 United States🇺🇸 and many more...

Musician, Artist & Creatives looking to connect with The Man of The Hour💯 "Host, Jonva" https://linktr.ee/thelegendjonva?fbclid=PAAaYEbQIaSSFPM1GaBrPALURmHaAP8Q0jeB3Yvj_UyKeHIGJS_nCffKFDuRI

This is a must listen interview for creatives and artists looking to navigate their own journey in life. Uncle Al's contact information...

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldwidemediasupport?mibextid=ZbWKwLA

May 1,  2023

State of Women in Music with Thea Wood of the Horizon Music Foundation.

The Man of The Hour💯 and ally to women in Music, returns to the spotlight stage for another Epic interview for women musicians around the world.

Jonva interviews his friend to show Ms. Thea Wood, President of the Herizon Music Foundation and Backstage Chats with "Women in Music Podcast Series" Together they discuss the state ode omen in music and Thea’s journey as a leader, advocate, and champion for women creatives in this challenging music industry.

Wood provides her insight and perspective of what lies ahead for women musicians, and how her organization is creating opportunities for women to be successful today, tomorrow, and beyond.



nonprofit: Herizon Music Foundation
podcast: Backstage Chats with Women in Music  

Facebook HMF https://www.facebook.com/herizonmusicfoundation
Insta HMF https://www.instagram.com/herizon_music/
YouTube HMF https://www.youtube.com/@herizonmusic

May 24, 2023  

 A Slice of Canada Radio Co-Host, The Man of The Hour💯 "Jonva Ven" better known as the "Legend," shares the center stage with an iconic guest and friend to show MICHAEL J. MILLER. Today is not only Epic, but colossal to put it simply. MJM is a Canadian 🇨🇦 composer, songwriter, musician, and badass guitarist who brings the heat that sets the blaze 🔥on temperature high in his music! A graduate of the London College of Music in the United Kingdom🇬🇧. Miller takes his musical artistry beyond the limits in Jimi Hendricks VIBE, with his mastery performance of O'Canada aired on A Slice Canada Radio Series 🌐 streaming all over the world. 🎓

We are so honored to have MJM stop over to do this interview this beautiful Mother’s Day, as we are thankful for all the women in the world who have made a difference in our lives. This is a must listen interview, for anyone ready to align themselves with their life’s purpose; a testimonial on overcoming obstacles and brief chat about Black Sabbath Co-Founder", guitarist, primary composer, iconic Legend "Toni Iommi"... 

This is a must listen interview, for anyone ready to align themselves with their life’s purpose; a testimonial on overcoming obstacles and brief chat about Black Sabbath Co-Founder", guitarist, primary composer, iconic Legend "Toni Iommi"...

MJM Contact: https://linktr.ee/mjmrocks?fbclid=PAA...


May 21, 2023 

The Man of The Hour💯 "Host, Jonva" sets the vibe with a transatlantic musical connection and a new home at "Radio Wigwam" in beautiful United Kingdom 🇬🇧

The Legend joins good friend and Co-Founder of RADIO WIGAM, UK "Christian John" for a worldwide journey into Radio Wigwam, and an international revival of indie music. Radio Wigwams global support of indie artists, makes them a premiere radio station bringing an array of musical genres and artists from all corners of the world; bringing good music for good people all across the globe This is a must listen interview for indie artists, creatives, and humanity. Radio Wigwam Contact Link: https://radiowigwam.co.uk/