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Dandelions represent Strength, Expression & Change

Welcome to

 Dandelions of Courage 

 Performing Arts & Entertainment Group

Wanda Ryan is the Founder & Managing Director of Dandelions of Courage Performing Arts & Entertainment Group which evolved in December 2018. Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Dandelions of Courage Performing Arts & Entertainment Group is an exclusive management, marketing and booking agency for exceptionally dynamic and artistically creative artists in music, dance and performing arts.  

We work with highly gifted and talented artists internationally within all entertainment platforms in addition, we work with upcoming and rising new talent where our main focus is on artist development, branding and marketing strategies. 

Our objective is to incorporate the power of music and entertainment internationally within all significant platforms which includes: stage, theatre, film, charitable fundraisers, cultural and diversity forums, educational and environmental campaigns.    

Our mandate is to inspire and unite people together from all walks of life in harmony. 

We must use our voice and creative expressions to ignite positive change through the language of music and with social engagement of entertainment.  

Anything is possible to achieve with determination, dedication, hard work and the courage to believe in yourself.  


Within ethnic cultures, traditions, personal values and love have always impacted the way we live and how we think. Music provides us with the poetic justice to feel; Dance gives us the rhythm to speak without a voice; allowing our imagination and creativity to be expressed through artistry and design.

The voice of an angel while dancing under the stars, allows us to tell a story through the eyes of the beholder with passion, creative imagery, vibrancy and colours from a perfect rainbow.


Wanda's interest in the arts began at the early of 10 in which she followed her father's footsteps, he was highly respected and a talented artist.  Wanda was fascinated with the creativity of art and design and worked specifically with charcoal drawings and paint on canvas. Her work was recognized and highly appreciated by her teachers and peers throughout grade school, secondary and high school which inevitably launched her into a career within the arts where she received a number of accreditations for her achievements.      

    In the early 90's, Wanda performed on stage as a backup singer in several Toronto local bands, subsequently discovered by agents in the modeling industry, where she was photographed in a few local magazines and casted in late night commercials. 

    Wanda was also hired to work in various trade shows for exposure and promotional opportunities.  

      In her early 20's Wanda expanded her horizons with song writing and writing short stories where storytelling became a significant part of her life and remains to this day.  Eager to learn the art of film and photography behind the scenes, Wanda began her career in Photography earning a degree and working part time on a number of commercial projects and ad campaigns.   

      In her late 20s, Wanda explored a number of options with her career, where she  worked in the hospitality and food, hotel & restaurant, electronics and the steel  Industry. Wanda realized her passion was in Marketing and Advertising and chose to seek a new direction.  

      She graduated from Centennial College receiving diplomas in Marketing, Sales and Small Business Management.  Wanda worked for a direct marketing and advertising firm for 15 years maintaining her title of account manager with tier1 accounts in Canada and the United states which included Enbridge Gas, National Geographic, Publishers Clearing House and Chrysler Canada. 

      In her early 30s, Wanda decided to start her own business, as the Founder and CEO of MusicWRKS Entertainment and MusicWRKS for the Healing Heart Inc. (non-for profit) talent agencies. Wanda managed both companies from 2005-2013. 

      It was a very proud moment for MusicWrks for The Healing Heart to receive an honorarium with sponsoring the entertainment for the Mississauga Credit Valley Hospital Annual Gala in support of its Lifetime of Care $45Million Campaign in 2009 which helped raise over $250K towards the Foundation.    

      Wanda has been working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years with event planning (weddings, corporate and special events), public relations, media relations, advertising and marketing, promotions, corporate relations, artist development, artist management, agency booking, charitable work, fundraising and most recently Co-producing for the Chocolate Ball Gala on October 17th 2019 with Joey Cee www.TheChococlateball.com   

      January 2019

      Wanda Ryan is pleased to announce her position on the Board of Directors

      for Spencer Magazine www.spencer-magazine.com

      SPENCER is a family lifestyle magazine that bonds our diverse cultures and relays important global issues. Published as a glossy, coffee table magazine, Spencer doesn’t simply give you a look behind the scenes, it also shares accounts of dreamers who achieved success.”

      December 2018

      Maple Music Café www.maplemusiccafe.com

      Maple Music Café is an all Canadian Radio & History online music station.

      Wanda is the Talent Scout, Sales & Production Coordinator.  

      Wanda Wanda's passion is music and her sole purpose is to unite people together and help artists reach their full potential.    

       “Anything is possible to achieve'' with determination, dedication, hard work and the courage to believe!.  



      Wanda Ryan, Founder & Managing Director of

      Dandelions of Courage Performing Arts & Entertainment Group