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Our latest recruit to the team is freelance editor, Steve Pryce. We’re looking forward to his contributions, and his refinements of others’.

Steve Pryce has an extensive history in writing on, and for business and economics. 

The first task assigned to Steve in this field was to communicate the problems IT was experiencing in completing overnight processing on a daily basis, seeking cooperation from employees in task scheduling.  He solved the problem of commandeering the attention of a reluctant audience by adding an interactive team role-play element to the presentation. Having mastered the preparation of interactive material, Steve quickly found himself writing scripts for training videos and classes.

The corporate training videos that John Cleese made in the seventies became an increasingly profound influence on Steve’s attempts to impart training and understanding in a corporate environment, and he happily admits to emulating the style therein. 

Steve took to entertainment as a merciful release from the pressures of corporate inanity. Writing fiction and working as a stand-up comedian and an actor made much better use  of a creative imagination than the demands of corporate readers.. 

When he isn’t polishing other people’s scripts and articles, novels, websites, and advertising copy, Steve has been known to appear in the production of other people’s scripts as an actor. To this day, he maintains that it’s the only way to learn how to write them.