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  A Slice of Canada Presents: 

Chris Birkett & Jonny Starkes

 Date: Friday September 8, 2023 

Location: The Dakota Tavern 

Time: 7-9pm 


A Slice of Canada Radio & Live Concert Series promotes and showcases on Indies Finest in Canada and North America.  

August 22, 2022 

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Once Upon A Pizzeria Hardcover – Nov. 29 2022

by Charly Chiarelli (Author), Alma Roussy (Illustrator)  

For info re:  having a signed copy of this "highly acclaimed" book

please email:  🍕charlyxchiarelli@gmail.com🍕

Once Upon A Pizzeria by Charly Chiarelli This story, which is premised upon the story of the "Gingerbread Man", takes chase scenes to an original, profound big city dimension. Nonna Maria’s pizzas may be the best in town, but that doesn’t stop some of the kids at school from teasing little Luigi, Nonna Maria's grandson, over its square shape.   More information on Charly and his life's Jouney's  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charly_Chiarelli   

'A SLICE OF CANADA" Radio Series

has a permanent home in the UK AT RADIO WIGWAM 

We will be airing monthly shows every 4th Thursday  - beginning 2023 

To listen to previous shows listen here

Thurs. Sept. 28, 2023 - 10-11pm GMT / 5-6pm Eastern 

Thurs. Oct. 26, 2023 - 10-11pm GMT / 5-6pm Eastern 

Thurs. Nov. 30, 2023 - 10-11pm GMT / 5-6pm eastern 

  Thurs. Dec.. 28, 2023 - 10-11pm GMT / 5-6pm Eastern   



  Written & Produced by Mike Bennett and cinematography by Friedbanana  

See what happens when the camera tracks a bunch of wanna be actors to Hollyweird to make a Bee Movie that goes disastrously wrong!

Featuring contributions from John Otway, Fuzzbox, Johnny Kaplan and Daryl Hannah, Melanie Williams and Peter Hook Mike Bennett and many more.
DOC Entertainment is a Co=producer on this UK flick shock!-umentary.  In addition, Wanda Ryan portrays a News presenter at Mob TV. Jonny Starkes also has a part and his "Belly of The Beast" music track in VVF Zorg.