Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

We all need to escape emotionally and tap into sources that engage, entertain and heal the soul

(live in the moment).  We all need to feel important, to have our voices heard and to share our stories.    

Welcome to Dandelions of Courage Entertainment (DOC Entertainment) Our agency specializes

in media and marketing. however we also provide other services with music, corporate & private events and more...    

Our mission is to create an experience that inspires and transforms the vision into reality.  

We continue to expand our global network by establishing strong and loyal relations with international partners by forming an alliance and supporting their brand and sharing their shine.         

Authenticity allow us to create an experience that inspires and emotionally transforms the

lives of others, creating a unique signature that sets us apart from others.  


Unlocking the potential of brilliant and creative independents who are dedicated to their craft

is our specialty, if you are expanding your brand, showcasing your artistry or seek marketing

solutions to pave your way into the mainstream, we have the tools to assist you in your journey. 


" Build a stage and people will come" This essentially applies to all forms of engagement especially

with all media platforms that truly do set the stage and plant the seeds.   

Being an- independent agency comes with a freedom that allow us to take a new approach and tap into the originality, creative imagination and expression; our commitment is to inspire others and work towards positive change.   

We look forward in working with you,