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About Our Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management Company

Dandelions of Courage Entertainment is an entertainment and media center that thrives on authenticity and creativity. Our mission is to create an experience that not only inspires but also transforms the visions of others, setting us apart with a unique signature. Learn more about our arts, entertainment, and media management company! 

What makes us different is our unwavering commitment to authenticity. We celebrate originality and embrace unconventional ideas, encouraging artists and creators to push boundaries and challenge norms. We strive to provide a refreshing and meaningful entertainment experience. 

Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management

At Dandelions of Courage Entertainment, we believe in empowering independent artists and providing them with a platform to showcase their talent. The A Slice of Canada radio show is dedicated to premiering original music from driven and talented artists looking to share their work with the world. 

Radio Broadcasting

Our commitment to radio broadcasting goes beyond just playing music—we aim to curate diverse sounds that reflect the vibrancy and creativity of the arts and entertainment industry. If you believe your music deserves a place on our show and are ready to take the next step in your music career, send us your MP3s and social media links today. We look forward to hearing your incredible work and potentially featuring you on A Slice of Canada.

Stay tuned to our shows for exclusive offers and immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Dandelions of Courage Entertainment.  

  Our Team  


Actor | Writer | Producer | Storyteller | Composer | Singer | Songwriter | Harmonica Player

Charly also created the jingle our

"A Slice of Canada" Radio Series 

HOME | Charly Chiarelli Website (charlyentertainment.com) 

An Award Winning Entertainment & Production House headed by Charly Chiarelli with Nine (9) Wins & Twelve  (12) Nominations! With writing books & movies film/tv) and an outstanding award winning Actor, Calogero (Charly) Chiarelli is a powerhouse to be admired!

Books Testimonials | website (charlyentertainment.com)

Road to the Lemon Grove (2019) - IMDb

Charly Chiarelli - Wikipedia


Business Development 

PR & Sales 



Joanne promises to create a place where one can spend a day learning, connecting and taking steps towards empowering one's life through new, informed choices and has created a powerful platform for all attending to learn, network and take action!  

More below

Jonva Ven

Co-Partner & Music Director 

"A Slice of Canada" Radio Series

C0-Producer & C0-Host ,





Jonva has thus joined the Slice of Canada Family as Co-Host and Co-Producer of the radio show; seeking to connect artists with listening audiences across the globe.

Ven draws his musical endurance from mentoring students around the globe, and at Berklee College of Music Boston; providing them with a blueprint at achieving their dreams.  More below 


Founder, Marketing & Creative Director / DOC Entertainment 

Co-Partner, Co-Host -

A Slice of Canada  Radio Series 

Marketing & Creative Director 


On a personal level, her mission is to ''Unlock the potential of every talented artist,'' playing a critical role in enabling the company ''to be a successful international enterprise with compassion and innovation.


” Her commitment is to work towards positive change, to motivate and inspire others through the power of music and entertainment, while embracing unity and celebration amongst diversities and cultures worldwide. More below


Head of Security    

Based on his keen sense and K9 abilities to react accordingly to any security or safely measure, Franky has proven beyond a doubt to be cautious and effective when it comes to security. 

He has just been promoted to Head of Security and we couldn't be happier.  With Franky taking charge of the studio and the outside grounds, we will never worry about missing a delivery or having to deal with unnecessary situations or physical misconduct with others    

Wanda Ryan

Founder, Marketing and Create Director for DOC Entertainment  

Co-Partner, Co-Producer & Co-Host with "A Slice of Canada" Radio Series 

 "A Slice Of Canada" Radio Series 

Wanda brings three decades of leadership experience across multiple disciplines and businesses. In her professional capacity, she specializes in Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Public Relations.


In the early 90's, Wanda was discovered by a respected talent agency in the fashion industry. She modeled and often photographed for magazines, trade shows and other promotional opportunities.     


In her later 20's Wanda expanded her horizons with songwriting and writing short stories; storytelling became a significant part of her life. Eager to learn the art of film behind the scenes, she began her career in photography, landing her a number of successful commercial projects and ad campaigns.

As her career in the arts burgeoned, Wanda was motivated to do something very special and close to her heart. She created and founded MusicWRKS Entertainment and MusicWRKS for the Healing Heart Inc. (not-for profit) talent agencies.


Now the Founder and Managing Director of the performing arts and entertainment company Dandelions of Courage, Wanda continues to apply her astute business acumen and knowledge to ensure the success of her artists.


Her initiative and creativity allows her company to achieve outstanding results on a global level. Wanda is directly responsible for overseeing the marketing, engagement, development and agency policies of Dandelions of Courage’s important and most valuable asset – their highly respected roster of artists. 

Jonva Ven

Co-Partner "A Slice of Canada" Radio Series

C0-Producer & C0-Host ,



Music Consulting, Music Production, Remote Mixing and Mastering Services


Ph: 1 +929-390-1186

LinkTree  Contact:  


Jonva, known to many as the "Legend", is an American artist, musician, humanitarian, international music producer, mentor, songwriter, and Berklee College of Music-Boston Masters scholar based in New York. Jonva is also the host and executive producer of the much acclaimed podcast show "LiveLifeBHappy/24/7", streaming on Amazon Music around the world. From the very tender age of 2 years old, music has always been Jonva's life passion and dream. Jónva began his musical journey studying with world-class jazz pianist Alex Darqui, a bandmate of the great Jaco Pastorius and a protege of the iconic Herbie Hancock. Jonva has worked with greats like Ben E. King and an array of performers around the world. Jonva debuted his talents on his 2022 4- song EP release of the Jonva Experience Project 2.0 , with artists from Shanghai, the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, and the United States.

The Legends' most recent studio collaboration project, "Somedays,'' highlighted Jonva's skills as a co-producer with the Abbey Roads Studio team; featuring UK artist Adam Wedd and Atlanta native Aqthesinger.

Ven continues his journey with new collaborations in 2023 as he teams up with the multi-talented American actress, writer, producer, and artist Caren Lyn Tackett. Caren is best known for her work with 4Kids Entertainment, which includes titles such as Winx Club, Pokémon Chronicles, Shaman King, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Tackett has worked in various Broadway productions in New York City, including Hair, Rent , High Fidelity , Brooklyn, and The Times They Are A 'Changin'.

Jonva recent musical venture, brings him to the United Kingdom back for another studio project collaboration with indie artist and songwriter BBFEENIX.  Together they release their  "Quantum Music"  EP collaboration to the world, titled "Tomorrow's Goodbye".






President & CEO 

Basket Brigade Canada


Joanne Chrobot is a woman committed to helping others discover their own potential for creating a compelling life. Joanne Chrobot is inspired to be inspiring, to everyone around her. The combination of a dynamic, uplifting individual and a caring, creative vision makes for a unique and impressive life passion and business idea called KnowledgeWorks Global.

Joanne has amassed hands-on experience in the events industry since 1992 when she worked, and still works with international, Coach and Speaker Tony Robbins and his team, and many other well-known inspirational speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. John Gray, Marianne Williamson, Les Brown, Ross Quinn, etc. Traveling extensively across North America, from Toronto to Hawaii, to be a part of these events,

Joanne realized the impact that the presenters were having on her own life. This new awareness ignited a passion. She wanted others to be touched by these life-transforming presenters as she had been and still is to this day so impressed by the information these speakers imparted, Joanne made a decision to make their intriguing messages, as well as her own, available to a wider audience. Through focused intention, tireless pursuit for what she believed in, and having the courage to follow her dreams, KnowledgeWorks Global was launched.


Joanne, now a Speaker, Trainer, Personal Coach, Master Extended Remote Viewer, Toronto City Leader for Remote Viewing, International Event Coordinator.  Joanne is also the President of KnowledgeWorks Global, President & CEO of Basket Brigade Canada   Joanne is also the Business Development & Sales Director with Dandelions of Courage Entertainment who  promises to make you sit up and take notice of your life and transform it to fit your dreams!