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Singer, Songwriter, Performer

Pop Rock

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (Cover) Victory Vizhanska / Виктория Вижанская / Вікторія Віжанська


“This is my first attempt to cover Queen's song. And yes, this song is Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie Mercury is my favorite rock singer and one of the main influencers. Freddie is not just an idol for me, he is part of my life”

“Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” (Indeep Cover); Sina feat Victory Vizhanska



Victory Vizhanska, was born and raised in Klev Ukraine in a working-class family (mother a seamstress and father a builder).  Victory is a 15 year- old talented and gifted singer, song-writer, actress and fashion model (Victory has displayed her modelling talent in over 30 photo shoots to date).

She began her music career at the age of 7 where she studies music for 3 years and graduated, at the age of 11 she worked with a vocal teacher for only a year and self-taught herself from then on.  At the age of 14, she studied at the Variety Circus Academy and taught herself to play the piano and ukulele.

Victory’s career in Theatre & in the Arts began at the age of 9 – where she was casted in her first musical theater "Comme il Faut", where she played Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean) in her childhood for the musical "Marilyn Monroe. The Image Eclipsed Life" thus the theater successfully went on tour for 2 years.

Victory played the role of the Little Mermaid in the show "Divosvit" and just recently she played the role of Fleur De Lis in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris"

Between March-September 2019 Victoria performed live at "Faine misto" & "Murometz Fest" as the lead singer with a full -scale rock band and successfully engaged with the audience.   

AWARDS, Credits & Competitions:

1st place: "Quinta", "Golden Lion", "Evropa moloda", "Top Voice"- Grand Prix. Other.

Acted in commercials for "Lion", "Roshen".

Victory recently performed a song duet with Sina Drums www.sinadrums.com

Victory was selected to be the June Spotlight Artist with MOB Radio www.mobradio.org where her music is heard frequently over the airwaves internationally 


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Twitter https://twitter.com/VVVizhanskagfvg