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Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Producer

Latin, Jazz, Contemporary & Folk


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Rosita Stone is an award-winning bilingual artist who writes, arranges, and produces her own material while keeping it honest, exotic and spiritual. Currently, Rosita is working in collaboration with Latin Grammy winning producer Sam Fisher for a European release of a 5 song EP which is expected to release in Spain in Dec. 2019.

Critics have placed her sound somewhere between Enya, Alicia Keys and Shakira, although comparisons are somewhat dubious – she’s truly unique. She’s Canuck, being of Mexican-Ukrainian descent – a Gypsy Aztec temple singer with a Tori Amos yen for turning stuff inside out.

Rosita grew up living in Canada, Mexico, Malta, Colombia, Argentina and the U.S. With this gypsy lifestyle, she absorbed many different cultures and influences. She studied Dance at an early age in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and received a scholarship with the famous Dupree Dance Academy.  

Rosita landed 2 tours with the United Nations after she was sought out by east coast celebrity producer John Allen Cameron who was enamoured with her vocal abilities and unique style.  Rosita toured through Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, Germany and the North Pole.

Rosita Stone performed live on stage with Canadian icon Michael Bublé; she has shared the stage with the Canadian Tenors, co-writing with Dan Hill and being the opening act for, EMI Latin/Grammy winner Carlos Vives.

Her original song “Mother to Child” was chosen as the soundtrack for multi award winning film “Figment” by the award-winning director Mithran Maharaja.

Rosita Stone is also the recipient of a Latin American Achievement Award for “Singer of the Year” and has had a deal in Latin America with Easy Entertainment/Universal Music Group with her self-produced CD “The Real Deal”. Rosita also had the privilege to record the album “La Magia del Alma” featuring the brilliant work of Jorge Lopez who played guitar on Linda Ronstadt’s Grammy Winning Mexican album “Canciones de mi Padre”


Two of her songs from ''La Magia del Alma'' landed Rosita a Sponsorship deal with Harley Davidson and has charted in the top 10 in Latin America, where she was interviewed by Rolling Stone in Bogota Colombia, as well as radio stations, TV shows and magazines where she graced the front cover of Vida Latina Magazine.

Rosita is also a certified holistic nutritionist who saves animals as her passion.  

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rosita.stone  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rositastone999/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rositastonepres