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Neena Rose 

Canadian R&B Singer, Songwriter

Urban, R&B and Pop   




https://youtu.be/9j_3nRgH6aE Neena Rose - Games [Official Music Video] Published on Sep 3, 2018

Music isn’t just a creative outlet or destined career for Canadian singer/songwriter and pop-R&B artist Neena Rose… It’s also a mesmerizing, kaleidoscopic experience that skyrockets beyond what the rest of us count as traditional receptions of sound.



“Songs are colourful for me,” she says of her highly unique and wildly fascinating multi-sensory perception of the senses, chromesthesia synaesthesia. “Every song I hear or write has a very specific colour visual.”


She’s an “amazing young talent,” says Universal Music Publishing Group’s 80 Empire, who co-wrote and produced Neena’s forthcoming EP. “She’s an incredible vocalist and witty lyricist… Working with her is a sheer joy!”


“Neena Rose truly was hellafun to talk with,” adds Cashbox Magazine Editor in Chief’s Lenny Stoute, reflecting on their recent cover story interview. “This teen is an unusual combination of music biz savvy and emotional intelligence, with a commanding voice. Gonna go far.”


Between her breakout single — 2018’s “Games” — its successors, “Circles” and “Rewind”, and this year’s forthcoming EP 333, Neena Rose has garnered support from media and playlisters such as Spotify’s New Music Fridays, The Fresh Committee, Noble Vybe, Esydia, Caltify, The Gate, FYI Music, Tinnitist, and more.


https://youtu.be/gk-CViZzdXo Neena Rose - Circles [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO] Published on Nov 12, 2018

https://open.spotify.com/album/3DRYJr55r84Sd2aiaQZ8JC  Neena Rose - Rewind on SPOTIFY 

Most recently, she was invited to speak on the “Young Guns — Innovative and Thriving in the New World Music Order” panel at the California Copyright Conference, making her the youngest female Canadian to participate in the conference thus far. Her debut single, “Rock N Roll Lullaby” was recorded at age 12 with Diamond/Platinum producer/songwriter Roy “Royalty” Hamilton III (Britney Spears, Nas), she has counted Oprah among her audience members, and is a voice behind CHCH’s legacy program Tiny Talent Time’s theme song. (Fun fact: her dad performed on the show — with his accordion — as a kid!)

May 2019 - Latest original song release ''Mannequin'' - https://youtu.be/Zc9txOSyLak 


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