The MOB Radio Network


The MOB Radio Network in a not-for profit organization promoting the “Best New Artists” from around the world.

Mob Radio is radio network connected to a vast Community of people Internationally and are solely dedicated to promoting and advertising gifted and talented artists around the world. They currently represent over 200 artists worldwide.  

The Mob Radio Network has supported familiar faces and well-known artists such as “Sina” of Sina Drums from Germany, Allie Sherlock from Ireland, Jadyn Rylee from Canada, Courtney Hadwin from England and Darian Stefan from Romania.  Although these extraordinary artists have all successfully acquired fame worldwide, they still remain humbled and continue to support the Mob Radio network and their communities.  

Easy Listening Show, MOB Mixed Music Show, Video of the week, Video of the Month, Artist of the Month, Artist of the year, Blogs and full Network Coverage which includes all Social Media Platforms


Totally Vetted with a 16 hour a Day 7 Day Broadcast Plus the sense of a real community which is certainly felt in live chat you will feel right at home on MÓB Radio. 



Sue Baker was the original Founder of MOB Radio which aired in February 2013, and platformed on the masters of bandwidth radio” created on the caster FM platform for music lovers and for those who played “World of Warcraft” a central gaming platform .  


Daria Stefan had sown the seeds of MOB Radio becoming a new artist and so it began, In the summer of 2014 the “Al Atkinsons New Artist 1-hour show” was created.  Sue Baker was overly impressed with the listeners response and the program setup she handed the radio station and titled ownership to Seamus Traynor “DJ Shea” who then brought Al Atkinson onboard as their music producer.  


Al Atkinson and Seamus Traynor Agreed to a 3- hour weekly show called “The Al Atkinson New Artist Show” which began in July. In 2015 Daria Stefan won “Artist of The Year” and the buzz created a new challenge with a long waiting list of artists to showcase their talent. 


In January 2019 Mob Radio created a 3-show once a month radio platform Friday-Sunday which brought in audiences from around the world and drawing in over 800K listeners.    


Also, in 2019, The Mob Radio Network began working with Wanda Ryan, Founder and Managing Director of Dandelions of Courage Entertainment and Joseph Edward Schur, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Spencer Magazine where they all shared a mutual artist in common “Jadyn Rylee"


The Mob Radio Network will continue to provide their radio platform for all gifted artists around the world and support their music.