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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

MOB Radio Network



Seamus Traynor Manager & Radio Station Owner of The MOB Radio Platform , Al Atkinson Production Manager and Editor/Public Relations Officer The Wee Witch Helen Stewart and the Amazing Wanda Ryan , DJs Aaron Jones Lazy DJ,Easy Listening Steve DJ Shea. 

MOB RADIO Live Radio & Chat www.s00b00.caster.fm

Top Shows / Al Atkinson New Artists Show, Al’s Place Country Corner Show, Easy Listening Show ,  MOB Mixed Music Show , Al’s Rock The House Show, Video of the week, Video of the Month, Artist of the Month, Artist of the year, Blogs and full Network Coverage 

This includes Social Media Platforms with Face Book, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, Sound Cloud, Tunein Radio and of course Instagram. 

We are a Community Radio that is connected to a bigger Community of people including Artists Song Writers, Producers etc…who love good Clean Music.

Totally non profit organization, yet we have the ‘’Best New Artists’’ in the world.

Check out our playlist right here and enjoy! .

We also have had a demand to help Musicians so hell we do it all with some shows which are dedicated  to certain artists like ‘’Rock Hour’’ Motion device as the main feature ‘’Sina’’ who has had an Amazing 2017 2018 2019 and is a great friend to MOB with her dad Mike.

Our objective is to help promote and advertise good clean music with artists of all types and who are dedicated with career within the music industry. 

Totally Vetted with a 16 hour a Day 7 Day Broadcast Plus the sense of a real Community which is certainly felt in live chat you will feel right at home on MÓB Radio.  We have now joined forces with Dandelions of Courage and Spencer Magazine through the Lovely Wanda Ryan and Joseph Edward Schur, so tune in or watch our Artists on our YouTube Channels and thank you for reading Enjoy Folks .