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Singer, Songwriter,

Folk, Rock & Country

NEW SINGLE "These Four Walls" Released July 24th, 2020 


 Jonny Starkes was born and raised in Hare Bay, Newfoundland; he was introduced to the guitar at the age of 7 by his late grandfather Ernest Collins, who learned to play while being in the hospital injured overseas during World War 2.


Jonny’s original songs are derived from his rise/falls in life as well as the world around him. In these songs Jonny delivers a soulful grit but peacefulness to his dynamic craft where he leaves everything in the open and lays it all on the line.


Jonny also received a black belt in martial arts at the age of 18, while competing for 6 years in Korea, the US and in Canada, he was also on team ’Ontario’ where he received world medals and trophies. Jonny then became a Martial Arts instructor for the next 4 years in Toronto


One of Jonny’s bitter sweet and fondest memories of his father which gave him the courage to continue his musical journey was when he was performing at a festival and his father was much too sick to attend. Jonny finished his set and asked to continue playing for his father as he could see in the distance his mom walking his dad across the field towards the stage. Jonny continued to perform while his dad sat down and watched. ‘’Later that evening, his dad sat him down and asked what he wanted do with his life and he told him wanted to play music and write songs.  Jonny's dad gave him the money to start recording his 1st debut album called ‘’Fathers Boy’’ 

Jonny released his debut album “Father’s Boy” which was written around the lost of his Father to cancer in 2017. 

Jonny has become a rising and upcoming name in the Toronto music scene where he has performed in a variety of festivals and venues across the GTA and in Ontario, he has won the epidemic music groups ‘’Robin Short award’’ for hardest working and supportive artist in the community.  


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