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Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist

Inspirational, Latin, Contemporary & Folk


"The guitar is my favorite instrument and singing is my passion"


Francesco Parodi is a singer/songwriter from Chile who now resides in Dublin Ireland.


Hi musical journey began at the age of 14, where his assignment was to sing together with his classmates in a group, they agreed to sing "Iris” written by the Goo Goo Dolls. This was the defining moment when Francesco discovered he had a voice and sang in tune which was pointed out by a fellow classmate.


Francesco self taught himself how to learn guitar which was extremely gratifying and satisfying to learn the chords, theory and sound.  Once he was able to grasp the concepts.   passion, he signed up for professional guitar lessons and continues to master his craft and challenge himself.


His decision to move from Chile to Dublin Ireland was to follow his dream musically and platform his music for people that really understood and appreciate his form of expression and freedom through the language of song.  Francesco was unable to accomplish this in Chile as it is a Spanish speaking country and challenging to engage with the people who could not understand the depth and soul of what he wanted to accomplish. 


Francesco has met amazing people along the way and has learned to enjoy singing and playing guitar as if it were his last performing each day.  He continues to master his craft by challenging himself through discipline determination and spiritual growth.


Francesco is obsessed with the band “Radiohead” which is favorite band of all time, he can relate entirely with their music as it is a comparison to his unique style and sound which is very emotional, expressive and with deep lyrical content.   


Francesco also graduated in Industrial Engineering and is working on finishing his MSc in Digital Marketing this year.  


Francesco is currently learning the piano to add to his repertoire which will enable him to explore further avenues to express and engage with people with other demographic markets through his music.