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Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, Guitarist  

Soul, R&B & Modern Jazz


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Azalyne is a 12-year-old multi-talented recording and performing artist and an emerging singer/songwriter.  She plays the piano, guitar, electric guitar and the bass guitar. Azalyne has always loved music and hopes to use music to bring joy and happiness to people’s lives.

Azalyne has been performing for 6 years and finds her sound is modern jazz.  She has been performing both as a solo artist and with a band in over 150 shows with a busy summer ahead as a solo artist at many festivals and town events throughout Ontario.  

Azalyne also runs a monthly open mic event at Kops Records in Oshawa and she is also instrumental with a few workshops in the School Board  . 

Mr. Randell Adjei, the Director of Rise Edutainment is her booking agent.   Azalyne has also been part of a number of school board workshops where she speaks to kids with regards to bullying, social issues and song-writing.  

She is currently in the studio recording her original music where she has been asked to song-write for Sandbox Studio Artist along with Musical Producer Sir KR Moore. 

Azalyne released her first single “You Are Mighty”, which is available on all streaming platforms with over 75K streams and has sold over 25k worldwide.  She is currently recording her first EP of original songs which is expected to release this year in 2020

Azalyne has been working with RISE Edutainment over the past few years with development and agency booking and she has just started working with Dandelions Of Courage Performing Arts & Entertainment Group.

Spotify:                  https://open.spotify.com/track/52LC8Kcztp5nsaSozadpHZ

Facebook:             https://www.facebook.com/Azalynek/


Instagram:             https://www.instagram.com/azalyneklukowski/?hl=en

Twitter:                   https://twitter.com/AzalyneK?


https://youtu.be/YoNEzAQsLCY  Charlie Puth-Attention-Cover by Azalyne

https://youtu.be/MmB2JOhXEzE  Azalyne's radio interview with NEWSTALK 1010 – March 2013


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