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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Dandelions of Courage 

 Performing Arts & Entertainment Group



Wanda Ryan is the Founder & Managing Director of Dandelions of Courage Performing Arts & Entertainment Group which evolved in December 2018. Our head office is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Dandelions of Courage Performing Arts & Entertainment Group is an exclusive management, marketing and booking agency for exceptionally dynamic and artistically creative artists in music, dance and performing arts.  

We work with highly gifted and talented artists internationally within all entertainment platforms; in addition, we work with upcoming and rising new talent where our main focus is on artist development, branding and marketing strategies. 

Our objective is to incorporate the power of music and entertainment internationally within all significant platforms which includes: stage, theatre, film, charitable fundraisers, cultural and diversity forums, educational and environmental campaigns.    

Our mandate is to inspire and unite people together from all walks of life in harmony. 

We must use our voice and creative expressions to ignite positive change through the language of music and with social engagement of entertainment.  




Within ethnic cultures, traditions, personal values and love have always impacted the way we live and how we think. Music provides us with the poetic justice to feel; Dance gives us the rhythm to speak without a voice, allowing our imagination and creativity to be expressed through artistry and design.


Anything is possible to achieve with determination, dedication, hard work and the courage to believe in yourself.  


-       Wanda Ryan




We work exclusively with Corporate & Private Organizations, Charities, Festivals, Special Events, Fundraisers, Weddings, Galas, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Birthday & Anniversary Parties, High-End Retirement Residences & Community Events. 



Marketing and Advertising Campaigns, Event Promotions, Artist Development & Branding, Public Relations, Marketing Strategies, Consultants, Photographers & Photo Studios availability, Makeup/Hair Stylists, Model Agency Placement.  Portfolio & EPK, Social Media and Web Design, Mentoring, Tutors, Special Workshops, Public Relations, Social Networking and Entertainment.

Casting Platforms for Film/Television/Theatre for Acting Roles in TV, Theatre, and Commercials & Biographies including Music Scores & Other Opportunities.

We work with a variety of Magazine Publishers Nationwide for Artist Exposure, Photo Coverage, Editorials and Fashion spreads.  


We also work with SONGWRITERS in collaboration with Artists and bringing their stories to life.

MAPLE Music Café www.maplemusiccafe.com Canadian History Music 





Public Relations & Consultants

Media Relations 

Marketing Strategies

 Modelling Agencies

Photographers/Photo Shoots Studios 


Web Design/Social Media Handles

Contests & Promotions

Marketing Consulting & Ad Campaigns


Michelle Morrison Founder



Since July 31, 2015 Exclusive over 11,000 members 



Dandelions of Courage offers a variety of artist development programs which include: song-writing, dance instructors, vocal coaching, character building, instrumental training, music production and recording song demos.  We also have workshops for social media platforms and building websites.  




It is important to give back to the community.

We dedicate our time and efforts in working with Basket Brigade Canada www.basketbrigadecanada.org 

We work also with Feed It Forward Canada www.feeditforward.ca 

Dandelions of Courage is also in process of raising funds for Animal Shelters in our communities and working with The Canadian Wildlife Federation of Canada. 


In addition, we are also looking to work within the Healthcare Industry which includes Hospitals and Retirement Facilities.


We are currently creating an exclusive elite program within local communities while uniquely fostering and mentoring both younger and older generations to work closely together in building a better tomorrow and learning the impact and importance of both generations.  We expect to have in place in 2021.


Making positive change within the environment and social change within our communities (educating, engaging, participating, and being part of special projects).


·         To make a Significant Impact of Positive Change on our younger generation so they can Impact others and future generations ahead.