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Wanda Ryan 

Founder, Managing Director

Wanda brings three decades of leadership experience across multiple disciplines and businesses. In her professional capacity, she specializes in Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Public Relations.

In her later 20's Wanda expanded her horizons with songwriting and writing short stories; storytelling became a significant part of her life. Eager to learn the art of film behind the scenes, she began her career in photograph.  

As her career in the arts burgeoned, Wanda was motivated to do something very special and close to her heart. She created and founded MusicWRKS Entertainment and MusicWRKS for the Healing Heart Inc. (not-for profit) talent agencies.

Wanda continues to apply her astute business acumen and knowledge to ensure the success of her artists. Her initiative and creativity allows her company to achieve outstanding results on a global level. Wanda is directly responsible for overseeing the marketing, engagement, development and agency policies of Dandelions of Courage’s important and most valuable asset – their highly respected roster of artists. 

Her commitment is to work towards positive change, to motivate and inspire others through the power of music and entertainment, while embracing unity and celebration amongst diversities and cultures worldwide. 

Joanne Chrobot

Sales & Marketing Director

Joanne Chrobot is dynamic and upfting with a creative vision 


Joanne has amassed hands-on experience in the events industry since 1992 where she continues to work with  international, Coach and Speaker Tony Robbins. 

She also works with a number of  other well-known inspirational speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. John Gray, Marianne Williamson, Les Brown, Ross Quinn, etc. Traveling extensively across North America, from Toronto to Hawaii

Through focused intention, tireless pursuit for what she believed in, and having the courage to follow her dreams, KnowledgeWorks Global was launched.

Joanne, now a Speaker, Trainer, Personal Coach, Master Extended Remote Viewer, Toronto City Leader for Remote Viewing, International Event Coordinator, and President of KnowledgeWorks Global

Joanne is also the President and CEO of Basket Brigade Canada www.basketbrigadecanada.org

Marcia Reid

Social Media & Creative Director

Marcia Reid has a creative style that gets noticed 

Marcia is a Creative Director, she styles and assists on set with concepts, themes, locations, photographers and studio details

Marcia is a branding and marketing 

strategist who oversees the overall marketing tools and concepts and strategies. 

She is extremely knowledeable and experienced with website social media building and maintaining branding platforms, 

Marcia Reid has produced showcase segments on a NEW reality show ''Dancehall Divas''  she is also head of media and engagements, scouts locations, styles and assists with the cinematographer.  She acts as the producer liaison whereby, collaborating and networking with potential and existing clients 

Most recently Marcia became the brand Ambassador for Glow Toronto.