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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


OUR MISSION: Making Dreams Possible!

Dandelions of Courage is also creating an exclusive elite program within local communities while uniquely fostering and mentoring both younger and older generations to work closely together in building a better tomorrow and learning the impact and importance of both generations.

  • Making positive change within the environment and of social change within our communities (educating, engaging, participating, and being part of special projects).
  • To make a Significant Impact of Positive Change on our younger generation so they can Impact others and future generations ahead.


MOB RADIO https://www.mobradio.org/

Gifted & Talented Young International Artists  

January 2020

Seamus Traynor Manager, MOB Radio Panel , Al Atkinson Production Manager and Editor/Public Relations Officer Helen Stewart and the Amazing Wanda Ryan , DJs Aaron Jones Lazy DJ,Easy Listening Steve DJ Shea. 

Top Shows / Al Atkinson New Artists Show, Als Place Country Corner Show, Easy Listening Show ,  MOB Mixed Music Show , Als Rock The House Show  , Video of the week , Video of the Month , Artist of the Month , Artist of the year , Blogs and full Network Coverage including Social Media Face Book , Twitter , Blogger , YOU TUBE, Sound Cloud, Tunein Radio and of course Instagram.

We are a Community Radio that is connected to a bigger Community of people including Artists Song Writers  Producers ect who love good Clean Music . Totally non profit  yet we have the Best New Artists in the world.

We have also had a demand to help Musicians so we do with some shows Just Dedicated to Certain Artists like Rock Hour Motion device as the main feature or Sina https://www.youtube.com/user/sinadrumming

who has had an Amazing 2017 2018 2019 and is a great friend to MOB with Dad Mike our aim to help promote good clean Music and Artists of all types. 

Totally Vetted with a 16 hour a Day 7 Day Broadcast Plus the sense of a real Community which is certainly felt in live chat you will feel right at home on MÓB and now we have joined forces with Dandelions of Courage and Spencer Magazine through the Lovely Wanda Ryan so tune in or watch our Artists on Our You Tube Channels. 

Jagger Gordon, Founder & CEO of Feed It Forward Inc. 


Marketing and Advertising Campaigns, Event Promotions, Artist Development & Branding, Public Relations, Marketing Strategies, Consultants, Photographers & Photo Studios availability, Makeup/Hair Stylists,

Model Agency Placements, Portfolio & EPK, Social Media and Web Design, Mentoring, Tutors, Special Workshops, Public Relations, Social Networking and Entertainment.

Casting Platforms for Film/Television/Theatre for Acting Roles in TV, Theatre, and Commercials & Biographies including Music Scores & Other Opportunities. We work with a variety of Magazine Publishers Nationwide for Artist Exposure, Photo Coverage, Editorials and Fashion shoots.

We also work with SONGWRITERS in Collaboration with Artists and bringing their stories to life.

MAPLE Music Café www.maplemusiccafe.com Canadian History Music 



Public Relations & Consultants

Media Relations 

Marketing Strategies

 Modelling Agencies

Photographers/Photo shoots Studios 


Web Design/Social Media Handles

Contests & Promotions

Marketing Consulting & Ad Campaigns


Michelle Morrison Founder


Since July 31, 2015 Exclusive over 11,000 members 



Jonathan Levy is the CEO and President of JGUCCIENT, is an internationally recognized fashion and lifestyle Photographer with international clients. Jonathan has been published in magazines across North America and Europe and has a portfolio of leading brands including DANIER, HP, Marriot Hotels, Bnai Brith and Toyota. 


We work exclusively with Corporate & Private Organizations, Charities, Festivals, Special Events, Fundraisers, Weddings, Galas, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Birthday & Anniversary Party’s, High-End Retirement Residences & Community Events.   


Dandelions of Courage and Canyon Entertainment Group http://www.canyonentertainmentgroup.com/

have teamed up together with a variety of artist development programs which include: Song-writing, dance instructors, vocal coaching, character building, instrumental training, music production and recording song tracks and demos.

We also have workshops for social media platforms and building websites, in addition we have specialized 1-on-1 programs online and home visits with are tutored by accomplished and celebrated artists 


It is important to give back to the community however we can, hence Dandelions of Courage is dedicated in working with organizations such as Basket Brigade Canada www.basketbrigadecanada.org Feed It Forward www.feeditforward.ca and we are currently working on helping raise funds for Regional , Animal Shelters and The Canadian Wildlife  Federation of Canada 

We are looking to work within the Healthcare Industry which includes Hospitals and Retirement Facilities, such as Chartwell & Sunrise Living. 

Dandelions of Courage is also creating an exclusive elite program within local communities while uniquely fostering and mentoring both younger and older generations in working together in building a better tomorrow.